Andrew Cornett's Work

About Me

I’m a designer/creative from the Bay Area and here is an organized one page stream of my recent work until I build a final portfolio site.

I’m currently working as a UI/graphic designer for ReadyTech Corporation, and I’ve been with the company for 3 years.

I’m also a current student at Ex’pression College in Emeryville studying Motion Graphic Design.

I love clean code and design, clear contrast, and unity.

Contact Me:
andrewcornett [at]

UPDATED: December 1, 2008


Tesla Motors Spot (HD)


Webby Awards Category Bumper (HD)

This was my entry to the Webby Awards Motion contest sponsored by Adobe. The requirements were to pick a category cluster (media, mobile, living, connections) and do a ten second spot for the category to be shown on stage at the Webby’s.


The New National Anthem (HD)


CurrentTV Spot (HD)

This piece has a good feeling of space and movement. The contrast from light to dark works really well for both scenes, and carries the particles over well.


[Web] – Live For Fame

Ruby on Rails, XHTML, CSS, Server Setup, UI

Strengths: I work with a junior developer and together we learned Ruby on Rails and built our first web application. My partner was very new to building webapps so I handled much of the complex stuff like subversion setup, editing apache configs, installing rails, mongrel, and gems, and setting up the initial environment for the app.


Vimeo Spot


Live For Fame Spot



[Web] – ReadyTech Marketing Site

PHP, XHTML, CSS, Basic Scriptaculous and Lightbox

Strengths: Nice 3D iconic feeling, strong layout, corporate but fun, more attention to details.
Weakness: Not scalable, the layout is very limiting, the menu has no room for expansion.


[Web] – Flash Portfolio

XML, Actionscript, XHTML, CSS, Javascript

Strengths: Cool concept, nice motion, good feeling, simple, responsive.
Weakness: Doesn’t work on older safari or mozilla browsers due to a z-index/flash bug.


[Motion] – Cold and Disconnected


[3D] – Apple TV Final Project


[Motion] – Reese’s Pieces


[Web] – Political Gridlock Store

Customized a BigCartel shopping cart for Political Gridlock. They needed an easy interface to post their clothes and needed simplicity in transactions. Paypal and Bigcartel were a good match.


[Web] – Deadly Rhythm Music
Record Label Concept

We started our own record label and signed ourselves, our first release was the Bottom Feeders EP followed by Seize the Night’s first EP. Here is the website design.



[Web] – House of Atreus

This was when I was in high school, doing band websites. This one has the best look to it. The HTML is a wreck, it was a quick and dirty slice and table layout from photoshop.


[Web] – Remote System Access

This was the first site I made while working at ReadyTech. It was to promote their new hosted training business as a different company.

Strengths: Simple, Clear, and easy to nagivate.
Weakness: Too much flash, no attention to body copy, pale color palette.


[Motion] – ReadyTech Spot

Flash, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop


[Motion] – CurrentTV Promo

I set the two particle streams to the bass & treble frequencies of the audio track. The extruded text was done with shatter.


[Motion] – Romantics of the Rhino


[Motion] – Rearrange


[Print] – Advertising PSA Concept

BMX is not a crime water bottles to give to skatepark participants.

This will help promote unity between the sports by engaging the bikers with the people who are partially responsible for the problem. It will help encourage a friendly chat from that skateboarder you gave water to, and you will make a new friend at the park.

The wrapper of the water bottle is also designed to be removed, signed as a petition, and folded into a prepaid envelope that can be mailed directly to BRO.